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Minutes of the Charlotte Hall Military Academy Alumni Association Board of Directors, Charlotte Hall, Maryland, held at the White House March 13, 2010

The meeting was called to order by President John Drury at 11:00 AM.


Gerald Newell


John Drury


Joe Wertheimer

Harold Hook

Larry Gerber

Dr. Roy Guyther

James Hodges

Ben Bolinger

Ron Pullen

Sonny Burch

Ernie Green

John Sothoron

Carl Lancaster

Bud Eklund


Charles Reithmeyer


Approval of the Minutes: it was moved by Jim Hodges and seconded by Bud Eklund to approve the minutes of the December 12, 2009 meeting.  The motion was approved by a voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report: A written report (see attached copy) was submitted by Benjamin M. Bollinger indicating a balance of $ 10,415.72 as of March 1, 2010.  Jerry Newell moved that the report be accepted, it was seconded by Harold Hook. The motion carried by a voice vote.

Membership:  Scheduling conflicts prevented reconciling the CHMA membership list to date.  A meeting will be scheduled to finalize the list.  A list of 1832 students has been compiled by John Drury.  A list of 542 names was also compiled to be used to send out the Reunion information and dues invoices.  There occurred a discussion on the specifics of the “Status” column on the website roster. After the discussion it was Moved by Carl Lancaster the Status column is as follows: “Active”, “Blank______”, or “Deceased”.  The motion was seconded by Ernie Green and passed by a voice vote.  John Drury was commended by the Board on a job well done with the lists.



Website Report: Mr. Drury presented alternatives to re-designing the Website, or keeping the website the same with a few minor updates.  Also he suggested that Tom Fitzgerald continue to host the website and train someone on how to do updates to the site.  Mr. Fitzgerald will be contacted by Mr. Newell to see if he will continue to host and update the Website.  Mr. Newell requested the John Drury take over the website management and updating due to constraints on his time.  A motion was made by Carl Lancaster and seconded by ernie Green that John Drury Take over the website and it was passed by a voice vote.

Reunion Committee:  Jim Hodges presented the report of the reunion committee and presented a preliminary profit & loss statement on the reunion, (a copy is attached).  The preliminary estimate is that the Reunion will net approximately $3,955.31 in earnings for the Association.  The final estimated P & L will be presented by the Committee at the June, 2010 Board meeting. The biennial Alumni dinner and business meeting will be held at the Parish Hall of the Immaculate Conception Church in Mechanicsville.  The Lunch will be catered by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department. The usual reunion activities, including the now famous parade, will be held at the White House on the grounds of the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home.  The March mailing is going as scheduled which will include an invoice for dues and a letter prepared by Ernie Green to be mailed by Joan at Burch oil by the end of the month.  A motion was made by Mr. Gerber to authorize the Treasurer to pay all reunion expenses as incurred up to an amount of $6,000.00.  The motion was seconded by Ernie Green and passed by a voice vote.  Mr. Gerber also moved that a gift Certificate in the amount of $100.00 be presented to the Manager of the Paul Hall School for his efforts on our behalf.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Reithmeyer and passed by a voice vote.

Historical – Dr. Guyther:  No report.

Finance Committee: Bud Eklund, No income to report.

Fund Raising: Several fund raising items will be for sale at the reunion, including mugs, hats, jackets and statues sculpted by Mrs. Pullen.  The details will be handled by Bud Eklund.

Liaison with the Board of Trustees:  Mr. Lancaster reported that the vacancies on the Board of Trustees are being filled and that the Board Officers were approved at the March 10, 2010 meeting. Scholarships will be awarded in May

Constitution and By-laws: Lawrence Gerber – The changes to committees being moved will be presented to the membership at the biennial business meeting during the reunion.

Colonel Sothoron Plaque: The clay sculpted proof with the changes requested was presented to the Board and approved.  The final cost of the plaque will be $1,604.30.  The Board approved the funds and the order of the plaque.  The plaque will be unveiled at the reunion.

President’s Report: Mr. Drury reiterated the alternatives for the Website design and hosting, (see discussion under Website Report).  The March reunion mailing is finalized and being prepared.  Mr. Newell will prepare the mailing labels based on Mr. Drury’s list and forward the m to Mr. Hodges.

Old Business: None

New Business: Mr. Gerber raised the fund raising idea of a brick logo of CHMA and a surrounding border to be paid for by selling memorial bricks.  The matter was tabled until we can obtain approval of the project by the Veteran’s Home. Some water damage to the second floor of the White House has been brought to the attention of the Veterans Home and John Sothoron is working with them on repairs.

Next Meeting:  The next meeting is to be held on Saturday June 12, 2010 at 11:00 am, at the White House, Charlotte Hall, MD.


Respectfully submitted,


Gerald G. Newell, Secretary






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